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   Launched 11/3/12

Great News!  When the righteous pray to their ABBA to stop evil...he moves mountains for them.   Environmental Racism is real.  Governor should find an industry that won't kill his people.

Most raffles or drawings are suspect in the VI! People would really put their health at risk in hopes that the VI gov't would grow some intergrity?  Another scheme to pull money from COVID funds that will likely land in (Freemason/Secrety Societies members) pockets!  

They are trying to cover their tracks and convince you that it won't change your DNA with the COVID-19 vaccination.  Just take a listen to this Luciferian... about RNA. "Put instructions in Code to make that shape" = Modification 

Bill Gates in 2011 wanted to get the population down - and in 2020 he helped make something 
to do just that! COVID-19 vaccination.

Malcolm X Told Us How Your Hand Picked Negros Operate  

Wake Up VI...Don't Be Fool by Smart Talking Politicians...They do very little for you and call it progress.

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