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My Testimony to the 30th Legislative Branch on the Hovensa Deal

Posted on August 13, 2013 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)


Testimony for 7/22/13 Hovensa Concession Agreement (In The Well)     

9 - 10 minutes long

For: Mr. Shawn Michael-Malone

President of the 30th Legislature

In regards to Mr. DeJongh’s July 12 proposal to Mr. Malone, I would like to express that I am in favor of the oil refinery being closed and dismantled completely or sold to another company NOT in the oil business, but rather a high preformance equipment operating argiculture industry. Here is why… Although Hess Oil/Hovensa has been in the territory for many years and may have contributed greatly to the economy, I often wonder if their monetary input and chartible gestures were the trade off to violate their permit by their consistent visible emissions into the environment.

No amount of charity, creation of jobs or boost of the economy should supersede the health and well being of the terriority’s people. For many years we have been subject to VISIBLE SMOKE EMISSIONS which are extremely hazardous to our health. EPA with the government only decided in Jan of 2011 to greatly enforce guidelines and policies that may have actually been in place since 1970. We have a health department who has little interest in tracking vital diseases such as cancer even though medical studies by the CDC and other medical outlets in addition to the EPA has information that oil refineries operate with chemicals that can in fact cause cancer.

The original contract with Hess Oil/Hovensa was done when many of us were not paying attention. We probably did not know what environmental racism was in 1965. Also many individuals within the community may be deep in Hovensa’s pockets to look the other way as violations were being made in the past. It would be in our best interest to sell the company at this time but rather than bring another refinery to commence the poisons again,we should consider and explore another alternatives that are less likely to aid in killing us.

Perhaps we would be more attentive with the new contract by making sure we are not sold out like the pennies on the barrel ordeal with Hess and the new company will consider the residents more than Hovensa / Hess has demonstrated in the past with their poisonous emissions. We will have a better opportunity to mandate that locals must be hired and by what percentage. In otherwords be in a better position to negotiate that would benefit the people instead of a select few. I do believe Hovensa is use to operating as they have done in the past, bad habits are very hard to break they say and their shut down in 2012 could have been a retailation move. But we have to consider too that the Petro Dollar is dying and Hovensa may want to jump ship early but either way the people of the VI ultimately suffers...

Although many people lost their jobs, homes and had to leave the island due to the shut down, it was a blessing in disguise because the poisious emissions stopped. Health is the true wealth! Many Virgin Islanders haven’t figured that out yet but hopefully one day they will. I had a conference call with the EPA on 6/18/2013 and was told more or less that the United States government has deemed that low levels of poison is ok for us! Can you believe that? One exposure to Benzene is known to give someone cancer. H2S is known to change human DNA. Pretty much our experts have deemed that since we eat bad, smoke and do many other harmful things to our bodies a little poison in the air shouldn’t matter, we need the oil. The EPA does admit that they don’t know how the toxics affects us when all the poisons are combined together in the air, yet they still seems to have an unspoken attitude like “ but be patriotic to your country and allow us to do this to you and the air because we need the oil and let’s face it the oil is more important”.

In the 7/12 proposal I don’t see or may have overlooked the section that addresses the inevitable issue we are facing now in the territory with cancer. Hess/Hovensa is well aware that they have allowed tons and tons of hazardous emission to escape into our environment. When will they address this matter directly to the VI people and take responsibility ?

When will the VI government acknowledge the great possiblity that Hovensa may be the culprit for 100’s of cancer cases here on St. Croix? Not to mention all kinds of other health issues! This is the real matter at hand that Hovensa may be running away from, could this be the obligations they wanted to shed according to page 3 of the proposal?

In closing Hovensa has clearly shown us, that they are about production more than human life. We should take the risk with a new venture that is less likely to slowly kill us. Remember even though jobs are created and the economy may increase when an oil refinery is in operation… it is at the risk of the VI people getting an acute,chronic, neuro, developmental or reproductive health issue, in which full disclosure of these FACTs are NOT shared openly with the public on a consistent bases. So don’t allow Mr. DeJongh to rush you on making a decision, all parties signed this proposal on 4/3/2013 to include Venezuela. What was the reason you gave to us again for the delay? Or are these old signatures? Don’t let Hovensa make us feel as though they are doing us a FAVOR by being here. We in FACT hold the higher risk in this contract. A new proposal is in order, I say have Hovensa faciltiy taken down, no temporary storage facility, clean up south shore & possible leaks under ground that might be affecting our open waters, have them pay all the taxes they owe, pay the USVI $700,000 million instead of fixing the facility to include the monteary damages they would incur for breaching the contract, we all wave goodbye to Hess Oil and learn from this horrible mistake we made in 1965, that may have taken our friends and love ones lives.

Mr. Malone, what I had to deal with last week to stand before you today to testify was totally unacceptable, the quality of ones professional work is a reflection of the quality of the person. The lack of efficency in the sign up process that created the confusion that it did reminds me as to why I don’t believe in this system. But as long as my people still believes in it, a thorn to the government I will be, to make my people clearly see the possible illusions before them. So prove me wrong panel and show the people that you do in fact work for them and not other shadow entities who uphold white supremacy.

Thank you for the time

Renee Mason


How To Get In To Talk On 1620 Radio Talk Show

Posted on July 24, 2013 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Have you been trying to get on to talk to Mario or Jimmy on 1620 and can't get through?   Well, I will attempt to help you.

This will work better with a cellular phone.

1. Dial the number - 340-777-1620 and 340-777-1621 for Jimmy  or 340-719-7435 for Mario.

2. You will probably get a busy tone which is ok.  (The point here is to have the number already plugged into your phone)

3. As soon as you hear the caller say good redial on the phone. 

Keep trying that and you will be in a better position to get through.  Don't waste your time calling in when you hear someone speak.  If you get a busy signal that means someone already beat you to it.



  • Based on what I observed Jimmy has two lines but the lines can only hold one person each on the line.  Mario has 1 line but can hold two people on the line. 
  • For Jimmy, you have to pay attention to the last line that you called and it was busy.

Example...he has two numbers so you dial both numbers.  So let's say you dialed 1620 and you didn't get through but someone else did.

Then the next time the caller hangs up...try 1621.  You are trying to determine which line the last caller was on.  Once you get the hang of will have no trouble getting in, to let your voice be heard.


I look forward to hearing NEW people calling into the shows, because we need to hear everyones voice.  Be Bless!!






Chartwells Food Program

Posted on June 12, 2013 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)



Is it just me or do you feel as though the government thinks they know what is best for our children more so then the parents?


Time and time again, the government makes decisions in regards to our children without consulting parents or students first.


Why does the government operate in this manner? Is the DOE refusing to consult with the people that they in fact work for?



Chartwells food program is the newest nightmare that parents have to deal with now. We are what we eat and our wonderful department of education is making sure it's process food instead of healthy food that is prepared daily. In order to live healthy, this is determine by what a child eats.


Chartwells has a tainted track record and if department of education took the time to do their due diligence they would have discovered that this contract should have never been executed.


There are several concern parents who have contacted the department of education on this matter but we need more parents to get involved. So if you would like to get involved please feel free to contact [email protected] or [email protected] or you can leave a comment here to express your concerns, either way we need to hear from more parents.

If you would like to make a comment on the VI discussion forum with other parents feel free to do that as well.

(The topic is under - WE NEED SUPPORT TO OUR CAUSE)



Talk to me VI....







DeJongh Visits The Slave Masters in Denmark

Posted on April 27, 2013 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Have we ever cut true ties with our slave masters? If the Danes once enslaved us, why on earth would we want to do any type of business with them? Just give us back all rights to our land so we can TEAR DOWN those slave master reminder buildings and forts.

Many people are not ready to hear this type of reasoning. Many are still in mental slavery in some form or fashion; will we ever rid the chains of our slave masters? Not on this pace that’s for sure! We are too busy chasing the no value “GREEN BACKS called Federal Reserve Notes – Money”

“Great Dane”…WOW…they even named a dog breed after themselves. They are so right; they are truly dogs with animal like instincts. Most High stated the righteous will be in the new kingdom while the “DOGS” are on the outside.

Just give us what you stole from the indigent people of the land before any of the thieves got here… Make us whole again…or we will make ourselves whole again.

1/3 of Ysrael WAKE UP, rise up to your rightful place, return until the Most High and the Most High WILL return unto you.

p.s. Did you see the picture on the table as DeJongh and some Danes look down at it? Do you see the picture of the pyramid and two pillars? Masonic Order symbols are everywhere. Some brethren’s don’t have a problem with these symbols thinking that they were once our traditions/ways before the Europeans began to use them. Yes, I agree, but the question “NO” one THUS FAR has been able to answer is “was these traditions of these mystical magic and how we used them the reason MOST HIGH became angry with us over? (To take a good look at the picture on the table)

Is the Lodge A Secret Society Here In The VI

Posted on November 16, 2012 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Virgin Islanders

Do you hold a secret? Not just any old secret but one that a group of people hold with you, who come together at certain times. Who come together to hold one head on matters that occur in the VI? If you are apart of an organization such as the lodge or the Masonic order, this article pertains to you.

Virgin Islanders, how long will we tolerate these things in our community? Do we tolerate them out of fear? Do we tolerate them due to the fact you too are associated with these things? Do you tolerate them out of ignorance of not knowing what groups like these stand for ultimately? Many people know of someone who is a part of the lodge here and if you do not like it, join me in rebuking them all.

These individuals are apart of the lodge for self gain, for control, for greed and for power. These types of groups do not have the mass of people interest at heart. These types of groups are part of the problems here in the VI and not apart of the solutions. The owner of the store in town that closed their doors a few months ago called "Abdullah" I believe was part of the society called skull if I recall. There was an article in the newpapers who wrote about the owner. He revealed this information about him being a member of the skull on his departure of closing his business. LOL, Why didn't he reveal this info before? Doesn't matter now...he made his money off of the VI people already. How many senators, bankers, businessowners do we know of that is apart of our little secret society here?

Join me in the following rebuke to cleanse our island from all unrighteousness, by saying the following on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of each month.

I, (your name) denounce all secret societies on the VI and I denounce the gods that they serve: Jabulon, Halios, Lucifer and the like. Their alters will be torn down by the Creator's servants. Cleanse our island from all evil doers who only think of self and not as a people or nation. Cleanse our island now Creator of the righteous ones. By the power and authority of I AM.

By denoucing and declaring a cleanse, begin with self if you truly want to see change in the VI. Jump up time is over VI, we are in critical times, haven't we party enough? What has partying done for us as a people? In everything there is a season, when is the season for getting serious?

What does the image at point Udall really stand for? Do you know? How long VI will we walk around like zombies (in ignorance)?

WAPA contract with Trafigura

Posted on November 7, 2012 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Fellow Virgin Islanders

I think this famous quote is in order. "Birds of a feather flock together". What do we expect from gansters? Do we expect them to operate with reputable companies? Or does gansters know other gansters to work with? Don't drug dealers know other drug dealers and alcoholics know and hang with other alcoholics?

This is no different here, the people you choose to associate yourself with shades some light on what your character is as well. This contract with Trafigura is no surprise to me. However, the Virgin Island people are caught in the middle of what can be one of the worse contracts ever granted here in the Virgin Islands.

Trafigura already has hundreds of complaints against them. What are they? Compliants involved with dumping harmful waste in the Ivory coast, bribery scandal in Jamaica and allegedly smuggling oil out of Iraq, just to name a few. Many people are dying and getting sick in Africa that could be linked from the dumping of the waste. But let's not forget that money makes this society go around and if you have a lot of it like Trafigura, any links they might be associated to with these deaths in Africa could successfully be argued by lying LAWYERS to get them off the hook.

So Trafigura's seems to be making their way around the world and they are now at our door step. Let's be proactive and get reports now from DOH, so that we will have evidence if any increase of deaths begins to occur that present patterns once this company starts operating here. Let's get a copy of the contract under public open records to see the individuals who signed off on this and lets hold them accountable if your husbands,wives,sons or daughters begin to become ill. Yep, another terrible decision our wonderful leaders have made so far. What is the likely hood that we can stop this contract? Remember we are dealing with gangsters. Someone wrote a letter to the editor of Avis pleading with the VI to do our homework on this company? Did you? Yep I you have someone else sounding the alarm. Is it too late to stop this? The day it's too late to stop something is the day you have no more literal breath in you.

So my question to you is very simple. If you do your homework and learn that Trafigura was not the best decision, what are you going to do?

Do You Believe Corruption Exist In Our Government?

Posted on November 5, 2012 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello Fellow Virgin Islanders,

Today's topic is very touchy to some people. Why? Because some people do not believe corruption exist on a large scale within our government. Some people know that this article refers directly to them and some people secretly wish the opportunity will present itself to them so that they too can finally COME UP.

It is ashame what people would do for federal reserve notes (money). Some people will sell their own mother for the right price. As for me I can not be bought. My motto is "GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH. I will not sell out my people for 30 pieces of silver.

What about you? Many people will strongly declare they will NEVER sell out. But believe you me, this is exactly what many of our past, present and future senators did and will do. It doesn't take a genius to look around the island to know that something smells rotten.

So am I the only person on this island that feels this way? Let me know what you think. It is as quiet as a mouse in here. The way many cruzians carry on I thought you guys would be jumping to this opportunity to make your voices heard. You now have an avenue to speak up and put some action behind it. Wha Happen? Jumping up time is over, we need to put some action behind our voices to bring about the changes we want in the VI. And it is long over due to accomplish this peacefully and/or otherwise.

Talk to me VI....


Were You Satisfied By The Answers The Candidates Gave In The Avis?

Posted on November 4, 2012 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (2)


Hello Fellow Virgin Islanders,

Many people are very upset and disappointed with the current administration. The fact that we have many new candidates running for these 7 seats, many people are fed up and are deciding not to even go to the voting poles. Were you satisfied by the answers the candidates gave to the questions in the Avis?

Do you think we should even have 7 candidates anymore to represent the island? It seems that the Virgin Islanders are fed up with the broken promises year after year. Seeing little to no improvement in their roads on St.Croix and lack of employment, yet a steady increase in LEAC and food.

My personal opinion is politicans will merely say what they know the public/taxpayers wants to hear. But living up to the promises is another story. They seem to make all the excuses in the world as to why they did not accomplish and/or attempt to address the matters they swore by while campaigning. The public never hear "I apologize for not living up to my words."

I know of many individuals who have given up on the voting procedure, can you blame them?

Share your thoughts on your concerns and tell us which candidate you feel can make a great impact to change things around in the Virgin Islands.