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Reparation Testimony

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Good Day 30th Legislature

Currently in our society there are mixed emotions by different classes of people and races when it comes to reparation for those who suffered in the Atlantic Slave Trade. There are many blogs, articles, debates, discussion boards and youtube videos of people, who have clearly expressed their position on reparation.

Many people of other races offer no apologies for what the past people have done to the slaves that had to die or had to endure the inhumane treatment. Some races feel as though some form of reparation should be given, but they don't voice this fact openly as often as one should, some believe our current welfare system and grants given to blacks are a form of reparation at this time. It is amazing to see some of the comments, when you read through a lot of them, you quickly realize that as a group of people who live side by side of each other voluntarily or non- voluntarily, we are still disconnected from each other as mere humans.

But reading through many of the comments one thing is clear, no one denies the fact that the Atlantic Slave Trade existed from the comments I have viewed. Why it is not denied? Because although the world has watered down the events of what truly happened back in the 1600 in their history textbooks, they do teach this history to their children.

To-date it would be 347 years that slavery occurred to people that some of us call "our ancestors". For more than 50 years some black people have been demanding an apology by the U.S. for what happened.

The alleged Jews got their reparation 7 years after their suffering and the American Japanese got their reparation and apology by the United States after 34 years. So why has it taken so long for the Danes to do what is right? I am sure the Danish people understand to a small degree of what occurred by the hands of some of their forefathers.

We as descendants of slaves haven't really demanded it, which is why! We relied on alleged black leaders to plea our case for our ancestors (but instead these leaders sold out under the table or are too scared themselves to demand anything). We also relied on a government who indirectly oppress us currently today and did the same to our ancestors.

Why hasn't every Virgin Islander written a letter to the Danish parliament demanding them to correct their wrong? Do we truly understand what took place to our ancestors? If you did, writing a letter would be the very least thing you could do.

However, we seek reparations on their behalf, but to my knowledge we haven't demanded a list of the slave names, but rather boast of the Danes great record keeping abilities and advance technology expertise.

As we deal with the aftermath of slavery within our communities and as a people, somehow we don't seem to understand that we ourselves at this present time may still be enslaved. The Atlantic Slave Trade packaging on the outside has indeed changed and the infrastructure has definitely improved and the illusions are masterpieces, but the results are still the same. As a matter of fact, the results are worse. Because at least in the beginning the slaves knew they were in fact enslaved, we do not. In the beginning the slaves knew they were in fact somewhere they should not have been, we do not! In the beginning the slaves knew based on the slave masters treatment that the slave master despised them, we do not! So in my opinion we are in worse shape than our forefathers. Yet many cannot see it, because of the little trinkets (like a car, home, and some fiat money in the bank).

This wonderful new packaging that has been created is now in place so that the slaves will enslave themselves.

We merely got switched from one slave owner called "The Danes" to the other slave owner called "The United States". When will we call our own shots, when NO ONE is dictating to us anymore? Who dictates to "THE DANES"? Who dictates to "EUROPE"? When will we decide that we don't want to be OWNED BY NO ONE ANY MORE? This is the 1st DESIRE OF A SLAVE – not to be owned by anyone. This is how we first repair and restore for our ANCESTORS and their heirs.

So we have somehow changed the definition of the word reparation, so that we can all benefit from what the slaves had to PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY endure. Due to the fact that many of us still have to endure similar conditions to a degree now. I can overstand the concept, however here in the Virgin Islands, it is BLACKS who run our government or at least this is how it appears to LOOK. So until the black faces tells me otherwise as to who really runs the show, I will say this, we have the ability/opportunity right now to teach our children whatever curriculum we want to, we have the ability right now to use whatever natural resources for energy we want to, we have the ability right now to use whatever funds in the general fund to DO RIGHT by the people. THE SELECT FEW MERELY CHOOSE NOT TO, therefore, we are enslaving ourselves at this point.

Are windmills and money really going to make the mayhem go away? Will education really heal our self-hate that has been brain washed within us?

Slavery transactions were business transactions to the Danes, they saw us then as mere property, chattel is the word they used. Their wealth as a country was built on killing and enslaving. The question now is, how do they see us today? As old property that they once owned or as people? Because only people get reparation. The Jews were considered people and so was the American Japanese.

What price have we put on the lives of our forefathers?

What price was our forefather’s worth to us?

What were the names of those who were enslaved that built this country and others?

Where is their memorial wall?

Just imagine Memorial Day without knowing any of the soldiers names? How can we ask for reparation, when we don't know our love ones names that died?

We must demand these records. DeJongh went to Denmark recently; by any chance did a conversation like this come up at any time? Did he bring back any information on this matter? Do we have these records here in the VI and it's not being said that we do?

Seeking reparation without learning who suffered would be an INSULT to our forefathers. Demanding our history from the Danes should be a GIVEN, Building a MEMORIAL WALL should be a given. Attempting to find the heirs of the slaves is a REQUIREMENT to honor those who suffered.

To the alleged ELITES:

The scepter shall not depart from Yahudah nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall gathering of the people be. Edom is falling, Selah!

Thank you for the time

Renee Mason


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