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OCT 4th 2016 STATEMENT TO THE UN (United Nations)

Posted on October 7, 2016 at 10:15 AM

Good Day 4th Committee 10/4/16

I first want to point out by what authority I come to you in. I come by the power and the authority of the Creator I AM That I AM. I am probably one of the few individuals here today that is not a part of today’s theatrics to pretend that one cares about today’s subject matter decolonization or we can also refer to it as (Humans as chattel (property) in 2016).

The colony that I speak of is called the Virgin Islands of the United States.

Where was the UN when Hess Oil /Hovensa destroyed our environment and coral with their pollution and maybe the cause for hundreds of cancer victims today that are dying in the Virgin Islands? No where! Where is the UN’s military (alleged peacekeepers) to help protect the descendants of the earth in St. John and St. Thomas from alleged elites stealing hundreds of acres from descendants of the indigenous native born Virgin Islanders in 2016? No Where!

Oh that’s right…the UN just puts meaningless words on 18 pages and calls it a “Charter” or “Declaration” with zero enforcement. Who merely consults in sessions like this one to make it appear as though you care and working on our behalf. UN please! You are the council of old that Psalm 83: 3 & 4 speaks of.

Therefore, I am here to put America and the United Nation’s (the heart of the BEAST, who is in BED with the very culprits who bullies the entire world and who has colonies still in 2016) on NOTICE!


Cease and deceit all of your evil activities against the Most High’s people! Here’s a few:

1. Decolonize every colony on earth NOW

2. Stop all Genocide Methods NOW

3. Stop the Robbing of land NOW

4. Cease the Spells and rituals to control the people on earth NOW

5. Cease Pedophilia and human trafficking NOW

6. Stop selecting from your stock of Boules and Masonic Order puppets to place as our leaders NOW.

Notice to the agents is notice to the principles!

The Creator, will send and will be with the army that will destroy this evil system that’s full of members of secret societies and who practice evil rituals. In the meantime…Repentance of your evil ways is your only option and ask for the Creator’s mercy because you are going to need it.

In closing,

Mark my words…The world is waking up and will see that the UN gives merely lip service and literally aids in destroying the same indigenous people they claim they desire to protect.

Unum Sanctum (my claim of right – of my mind, body and soul)! The Fall of EDOM is the Rise of Yahcov…So It is said…so it is DONE! By the Power and The Authority for Ahayah is Salvation! Selah, Selah, Selah!

(End of 3 Minutes)

For many years people prior to me has come before this committee being politically correct and diplomatic to no avail, so perhaps if I address this committee straightforward and without apology, it will catch your attention rather than most of you looking down shifting papers, having sidebar conversations and walking around while petitioners are presenting their plights.

In 1945 the United Nations claimed that they created this organization to bring peace on earth, due to the fact that many wars plagued our planet. However as of 10/4/16, the number of wars has not dwindled. I am here today to discuss the oldest war of them all that relates to the agenda today colonialism by one of United Nation members called the United States of America. This member joined forces with you allegedly giving their pledge to assist in bring peace on earth, yet they are one of the TOP countries who creates wars and have people as property. The colony that I speak of is called the Virgin Islands of the United States.

It’s unfortunate that in 2016 we still have countries who own people as property, while the rest of the world stands by and look, pretending that they are not aware of what is taking place. The United Nations seems to refuse to enforce the very international laws that they create. Therefore, your 18 page document called “declaration of the rights of indigenous people” seems to be merely an illusion.

Could the Chair of this fourth committee paint a visual picture of what an indigenous human being looks like according to your declaration and can you give a clear definition of what an indigenous human is to the United Nations? Because it is quite obvious at this point that there must be some misunderstanding, because you seem to protect the owners of slaves, who are your members, rather than the slaves/colonies that you give LIP SERVICE to and proclaiming you desire to protect.


The argument by many individuals who ancestors were responsible for inhumane things bark aloud today that they cannot be held responsible for what was done in the 1600’s by their forefathers. So my question is, who should be held responsible today in 2016? These slave masters should be persecuted with charges against humanity.

The United Nation has played the impartial entity for 4 decades. Yet your lack of action has proven that you have aided in the plight of millions of humans on this planet. Therefore, it’s time that the world questions your true intent for establish this organization.

In the scriptures:

Psalm 83:3 it states - They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.

Psalms 83:4 They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Ysrael may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee:


There was a counsel many years ago similar to the United Nations where nations came together to plot against the Most High’s people. Is the United Nations the new and improve counsel of old?


The hypocrisy of your United Nation member called the United States of America speaks volumes, by secretly apologizing to the Most High’s people yet they keep them in a colonized state. The United Nations on the other hand seems to aid their United Nation member in their hypocrisy. Have you taken the time to merely speak to the people in the Virgin Islands colony? Oh that’s right, disenfranchised people have to come to you. Have you educated the disenfranchised people about your declaration and charter? Oh that’s right, you expect their oppressor (the United states of America), your member, to educate their slaves. No wonder the United Nations results show ineffectiveness, if you were seeking different results. However, the current results is in fact the results you desire correct? Why else would you not enforce the very international laws you created after 40 plus years.


The culture of you 4th and 24th committee staff needs better customer service skills. You have to pull teeth to get information out of them, yet you claim you want to hear from petitioners and allot only 3 minutes (an insult). Why don’t you have a clear document explaining the steps to become a petitioner? All smoke and mirrors, repent United Nations members your deeds have reached the heavens.


United Nation Track Record

Health Care – Administered WHO (Codex) – Trade Commission - More Info ( NANP -2005 Conference or just google Codex Almentarius

Nutrients are poisons to WHO so they banned the nutrients – so they brought back 7 of the 9 forbidden POPS most deadliest poisons instead. Persistence Organic Pollutants

Failure in Syria regarding human rights by security council. Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

4 Million Dead in Congo –cancelled right inquiry

D'Escoto (former Minister of Niagara) UN needs a reform: "The UN has failed" The UN defends and apply the law of the jungle…might makes right


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