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Response To Moravian Church Apology For Slavery In The Virgin Islands

Posted on May 6, 2017 at 12:25 AM

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On Wednesday, April 5, 2017 6:49 PM

Good Day MrJørgen Bøytler,

I have family in the Virgin Islands and I have read the Moravian Church's apology that was presented to the natives there via Myron Jackson. Sir, your apology is in fact a start however at the same time an apology without financial(punitive damages ( so to speak) can also be taken as an insult . It is interesting that the Church would apologize for slavery, was the church involved in the slave trade too? I don't think Denmark or the other 6 countries that the Virgin Islands were under has a clue to the mental damages that slavery caused to the VI people .

- We lost generations of families (mothers, fathers and children)

- We lost our names

- We lost our language

- We lost our culture (History of who we truly are)

Yet no one seems to want to provide this vital information in 2017 either, that the slave masters stripped from the natives of the Virgin Islands . Denmark benefited and became a flourishing nation off the backs of people they enslaved. Yet the Danish citizens and church wants to merely give an apology .

- You've built your kingdom

- You've established your society

- You've established a system where you can offer free education to your children

So it seems as though , once the Danes established all of the above for their descendants (by any means necessary), now they are asking for forgiveness, AFTER all their accomplishments have been accomplished. Allow me to quote you please " We ask with respect and humbleness , the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands to receive this declaration in the spirit in which it is conveyed , with openness , love and a will to live in peace and harmony together . So help us God."

So let me ask you this: If your child takes a toy from another little child, you are going to tell him/her to give it back to the owner correct? Yet you desire to offer an apology and won't give us back the things that were taken from us! Tell this scenario to a 6 year old child, in terms that he/she can comprehend and see what he/she says! The child will probably say " if I took the toy, I have to give it back to the person and if I can't find the toy that I took, we have to BUY a new one for him/her " . This is the moral character we allegedly teach our children correct?

Therefore, why does the Danes and the Moravian church with a few Danish citizens feel as though they can merely offer an apology when so much has been stripped/taken away from us ? Those with their heritage in tact will never understand how slavery has affected a nation of people.

However, I thank the Most High that it has been revealed to some of us who we truly are on this Earth. The Hebrew Israelites, the children of the promise . The Most High will restore all things and will revenge us for the evil deeds that have taken place. Because even in 2017 the Church and Denmark still refuses to make their wrongs right.

Telling us what you are willing to give to us, without asking us what will make the wrong right is an insult. I will encourage you to read the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28 to clearly understand which people the Danes did these evil acts to. You can also read the book of Leviticus to get a biblical idea and understanding of how you make wrongs right! Please pay special attention to when you take people's property and kill.

You asked that the Most High (God) help us correct? The creator just did through me, but it is up to you to receive the help that is less than desirable to the church and Denmark. Those in charge in Denmark ( Prime Minister ) truly do not want to touch this subject dead on with the local people. Therefore the indirect insults continue, when will you guys learn?

Please do not take this response as though I haven't gotten over slavery or I can't learn to forgive. I merely understand the plight and know what fairness really looks like in 2017.

Have a wonderful Day

Renee Mason

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